Buy how

Buy on is easy and safe .

At the opening of the shop will be shown pictures of the products according to the category .

The categories contain within them the pictures of the products purchased .

Selecting the product concerned, will be shown in detail the following information:

  • Product Name
  • Selling price including VAT and shipping free ( Italy )
  • Product Code
  • Material
  • Stone
  • Color of the material
  • Color of the stone
  • Measurements (selectable in the drop-down menu with the option to print a guide in A4 format to select the correct size ) .
  • Add to cart

If the product is to your liking , you can at this point add to cart to make your purchase.

If you sign in for the first time in our shop, when purchasing you will be asked some mandatory

information ( marked with an asterisk ) needed to complete the transaction and receive your parcel,

The registration is only required the first time, you will be taken to the following e-mail address and

password by selecting the access key .

Payments .

You can choose the mode of payment among those present .

Argentoro uses secure servers provided by banking institutions.

Argentoro does not record or maintain information related to credit cards of buyers .

Receive e- mail address

If the transaction is successful you will receive an order confirmation email .

Delete the account

If you wish, at any time, you can delete your account on Argentoro by simply sending an email by

selecting the contact button .

To improve our service , it would be useful for us to know the reasons of your cancellation request.