Sale's Conditions

The following guidelines shall be applied to all purchases made by users of the website
Lacking a specific approval by the users of the following general contract conditions, transactions can not be validly executed by the above-mentioned website. These terms and conditions of the contract, if approved , will apply equally to each concluded transaction made by the website

1 . Company information and properties

1.a) The e-commerce site is managed by the company Argentoro Ltd with registered legal residence in Via Trieste 10 / b , 15048 Valenza (AL), signed in Alessandria registry of businesses VAT number IT02281530069.

1b ) The content of the website, such as images, documents, logos and what have you, in any size and color along with every element which composes this website is property of the company " Argentoro Ltd ", as the results of creative works of talent, whose economic exploitation rights belong exclusively to Argentoro ltd, which expressly prohibits any reproduction, direct or indirect use of its materials unless authorized in writing, moreover Argentoro reserves the right to bring any appropriate remedy against violations of such rights, temporary included.

The trademarks, logos or distinctive signs of the products sale on our website belong to their respective society owners and are used within the website as thier use has been duly authorized by holders' rights of such marks, in order to advertise and describe the related products .

1.c ) In this contract, the website will be referred to as "Site" and is always implicitly indicated the exclusive property of the company Argentoro Ltd.

2 . The business philosophy

2.a) The publication of the products on our website constitutes an invitation to the customer to make a purchase proposal and this proposal will have contractual value, and once made it will result in the full knowledge and acceptance of the condition in this Regulation. The contract will be concluded with the acceptance of the proposal by the company Argentoro . The company Argentoro Ltd has the right not to accept the proposal without owing anything in any way to the client making the request.

2.b ) The site offers exclusively original and new products, with packaging and guarantees by various manufacturing brands and sells only to users who constitute the final consumers. Final users are individuals who buy for themselves or for others, but not as third party retailers . Otherwise please do not conclude transactions on our site .

2.c ) The customer is not entitled to any compensation for damages or compensation, contractual and extra contractual responsibility for direct or indirect damages to persons or things, caused by lack of acceptance of the order proposed is excluded as well . Any reimbursement by Argentoro Ltd will never exceed the already paid amount by the customer and received by the company Argentoro Ltd.

2.d ) Data sheets describe in the best way the main characteristics of the products, including related photographic reproductions that are meant to represent the object . In some cases the images can be enlarged from the original size not in scale, to better represent the products and demonstrate their perfect condition. The images , however, can significantly differ from the product in reference to color, shape and size due to monitor settings or changes resulting from the photographs. In the descriptions, all weights and measurements are approximate, although they are usually communicated by the manufacturer and accurately reported in the data sheets.

2.e ) Normally all products represented on our website are physically stocked in our warehouse and therefore available for dispatch within 48 hours from receiving the payment. Stocks listed on the site are constantly updated by our staff, but given that the stocks are not updated in real time, they are merely indicative. If the product is not physically available we will as soon as possible contact the customer to report the timetable required to receive the new replenishment and then to arrange the delivery .

2.f ) To increase the satisfaction of our customers, the products ordered will be shipped as soon as possible and no later than 3 working days after payment receipt. The customer may decide not to complete the purchase if the product is not immediately available, which will return then to restock, the customer shall not expect nothing from Argentoro ltd as compensation. The sale shall be considered completed only when Argentoro Ltd shall have expressly accepted the proposal sent by the customer, completed with all the relevant data as well as specific and complete approval of these guidelines. The customer will also have to make sure that Argentoro Ltd has receivedthe offer. Argentoro Ltd reserves the right to accept the proposal of the customer within 48 hours, and the customer can not claim any rights or compensation from the company itself. The contract will be concluded when Argentoro Ltd, once checked for completeness in all parts of the proposal, will send specific acceptance by e -mail to the address provided by the customer. The client is invited to take note of these Terms and Conditions and expressly approve them before making any purchase.

3 . Terms of payment

Argentoro Ltd has the right not to accept orders that are not complete in all their parts, in cases where there is no certainty of the credit worthiness of the customer or in any case where products are unavailable in stocks . In these cases the customer will be informed and such determination shall in no way be put into question.

4 . Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By sending the order form, the customer declares to know and accept all these terms and conditions of the purchase contract, stating besides to consent to the processing of personal data under the current regulations regarding the treatment of personal data, as stated in the separate authorization form which is part of these Conditions of Contract. If the cutomer finds the process difficult or he/she is particularly wary to buy online, he/she can contact our customer service and an operator will be on hand to allow him/her to finish the order with ease . We are always available by e- mail at:

5 . Guarantees

Each product advertised in our site is lawfully purchased directly from production houses or distribution of brands or by retailers or wholesalers. All items will be shipped together with the certificate of authenticity or official production logo warranty of the object itself or with a certificate of authenticity of our product. The official certificates of brands will be regularly completed, dated and stamped at the time of preparation of the shipment and can be asserted at any dealer of the same brand all over the Italian territory as a guarantee on the product. The duration of the guarantees varies, according to the law, from case to case and covers all potential manufacturing defects. To guarantee coverage, please refer to the provisions of the same. In the Certificates will always faithfully certified the product descriptions given in the product data sheets. In case of typographical errors in the product data sheets published on the Site, Argentoro Ltd may agree with the customer the refund of the amount paid with nothing due as compensation, only after we receive the returned product, perfectly intact, in compliance with the methods and procedures specified in these guidelines .

6 . Delivery and shipment

Any product purchased on our website will be sent to the address indicated by the purchaser, or if no other indication, to the address of residence provided, with the type of shipment selected at the time of filling the order form. To provide the best service Argentoro Ltd pays homage to all its customers: the shipment. This shipment is free of charge provided that the delivery takes place within the Italian territory By the day of dispatch of Argentoro Ltd will inform the customer by e-mail, to confirm the shipment.

In the event of tampering of the package, the customer that accepts the goods delivered by the carrier without objecting anything regarding the casing and / or the content, will assume all risks and consequences, automatically exempting both the carrier that delivered the package and Argentoro Ltd. Therefore, in case of withdrawal by the customer without putting stipulation forward in front of obvious signs of tampering, Argentoro Ltd is not responsible in any way for the same offenses or thefts.For shipments outside the Italian territory, we invite the customer to tcontact Argentoro Ltd directly, before concluding the order form in order to know exactely cost of shipping. In any case, the customer will be required to clear imports and to pay duties and taxes other than VAT- possibly due to the importing country including any other fees or costs .The shipping cost charged is inclusive of postal stamps, of costs of packing and shipping extra functional costs. We always advise clients to take insurance (accessory) in order to avoid any potential risk of theft or loss. In any case, at the time of receipt of the package, the customer is required to verify its integrity. If the package should present alterations in its packaging or evident tampering, the client is asked to reject the parcel to the sender without ABSOLUTELY accepting the withdrawal, he/she is asked to open it in front of the delivery staff and in the case extend out immediately and concurrently denounce a written complaint at the Italian post office or courier . If the customer decides to withdraw the package althoug deterioration is evident, the company Argentoro Ltd can not be held liable for any shortfall to the contents of the shipment and will not be liable even if it was taken out the insurance policy on the theft . In these cases both the post office and couriers will not respond to eventual shortages. If the shipment is rejected for manipulation, the customer will be asked to immediately notify it by e -mail to Argentoro Ltd at, that will initiate insurance and compensation procedures of the declared value .

If the customer in the process of filling out the order form, does not subscribe to insurance, Argentoro Ltd can not be held in any way responsible for any theft, subtraction and even partial damages to the contents of shipments. In these cases, the customer agrees to regularly state back to the competent authorities in the manner required . Argentoro Ltd will immediately submit a new order of the same item got lost / stolen from the production company and send it back to the customer as soon as possible. Argentoro Ltd , after receiving the refund request without finding however an agreement for the replacement of the part lost, will refund only of what has been anticipated by the customer in the shortest time possible and in any case no later than 45 working days by bank transfer to the coordinates that will be provided by the customer. The refund will always be payable only to the person who made the payment and to no one else, even in case of a purchase as a gift.
Shipments will be made always by parcel service of the Italian postal service, by registered mail or by courier to the costs mentioned each time. No compensation may be charged or required to Argentoro Ltd in case of delay of the order or in the delivery of products mentioned by the contract. The Customer may not refuse to accept the shipment, except in case of tampering, alteration or suspected damage to the contents caused by an obvious change of the parcel, in which case it will be asked to refuse it. Way of payment and shipping will be chosen by the customer while filling the order form. The customer will decide each time whether to join the various promotions advertised on the site in relation to the savings on the shipping too.

7 . payments

Payments can be made by:

1 ) Credit Card : For this type of payment Argentoro Ltd uses secure servers provided by banking-house. Argentoro Ltd does not record or maintain any information related to credit cards of buyers .

2 ) Paypal to our account online at e-mail
The prices indicated are in Euros and include VAT at 22%. For all trades concluded on our online site will be issued a regular invoice . No changes may be made to the bill after his emission. If the customer delays the payment of the agreed sum Argentoro Ltd will solicit it. If the amount due is not paid within 10 working days from the receipt of the order Argentoro Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on arrears as provided by law and cancel the contract without owing anything to the customer in any way .

8 . Right of withdrawal

8.a) The client who is not satisfied may exercise the right of withdrawal in accordance with current legislation on distance sales, particularly on the Legislative Decree 206 of 2005 ( Consumer Code ) and must send by registered letter a notice to that effect within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, the notice may be sent in advance by e-mail to customer service The letter should be sent to: Argentoro Ltd Via Trieste 10 / b 15048 Valenza (AL), Italy .

8b ) Anyway, no refund will be provided by Argentoro Ltd before receiving the goods object of the withdrawal, and having verified the caractheristics for the following procedure . This right is subject to the following conditions : products must not have been worn and must not show signs of wear, dents, scratches or abrasions that might affect the saleability of the product in terms of "New". Products must be returned to the sender complete in all their parts including stones, pearls, gems, bracelets , accessories in general , box, warranty card and certificate of any piece listed as subject to shipment and agreed with the customer at the time delivery, and anyway received by the customer from Argentoro Ltd.

8.c ) The return must take place in a single shipment and never in separate shipments under penalty of forfeiture of the right itself. The cost will always be paid by the customer, as required by law, and must be done in a secure way, traceable and insured using a shipping carton suitable to protect its contents from damages. The shipping costs for returns are entirely under the customer's responsibility who intends to use the right of withdrawal, except in the case of an error by the Argentoro Ltd. , in which case it will be borne by the company itself. There will be no other case of expenses charged to the company itself . Argentoro Ltd will reject any parcel for which it is
required by the courier or postman any mark of compensation both to the cost of shipment and to costs of any kind.
The Argentoro Ltd reserves the right not to accept the return of products that do not comply with the above conditions or any sign of use, damage, wear or missing any parts or accessories that are available in the shipment. Argentoro Ltd will return to the customer the amount previously paid, only if the conditions of the goods equal to those of the asset at the time of shipment , and together with their packaging, in settlement of the transaction in question within 15 working days by bank transfer or other means traceable agreed with the customer and never by cash physically. On the packaging, in return shipment to Argentoro Ltd, will never appear no words that can in any way infer with the content of the same precious. The package must be properly sealed and shipped to the address listed as the sender of the shipment arrival , namely: Argentoro Ltd Via Trieste 10 / b 15048 Valenza (AL), Italy .
The package or envelope should be properly sealed with gummed tape pack signed by all parties potentially violable in order to make unique and unrepeatable packaging, Argentoro Ltd is never liable for any loss, theft or damage of the goods delivered and in case of obvious tampering of the parcel received as a withdrawal, the same will be rejected to give the customer the opportunity to retaliate against the carrier and thus give course to the insurance procedure by the courier or postalservices. Argentoro Ltd is not responsible in any way for damage, theft or loss of the productsrendered and then all risk is borne by the customer .

9 . Clarifications

For any questions or problems, you should contact the company directly Argentoro Ltd by e-mail at .

10 . Jurisdiction and final clauses

For any civil dispute concerning the interpretation and implementation of this resolution guidelines of sale of Argentoro Ltd with private clients (individuals ) for distance sales , the competent court is Alessandria. The contents of this contract may be modified in any part of the company Argentoro Ltd simply by changing and posting it on their site and the new rules will take effect immediately .

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